Friday, August 14, 2015

Romeo always arrives too early . . .

On Wednesday we were at Tolethorpe again, doing the pre-show picnic thing, in much warmer gentler conditions than last time. After a beautifully warm, sunny day, there was a hint of clouds in the sky. At six o'clock sunshine and dappled shade provided a perfect backdrop to our melon starter, tuna sandwiches and strawberries. Time to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Romeo and Juliet is one of the Shakespeare plays I know best, since I studied it for 'O' level, and saw a production at Stratford in 1961, with Dorothy Tutin as Juliet, Ian Bannen as Mercutio, and Edith Evans as the Nurse. 
Tonight we have Romeo and Juliet as the children of two warring gypsy clans. Well it was the excuse for a colourful stage set, and made good use of the rural surroundings, and anyway, the play's the thing, and that went very well, and was highly enjoyable.

Pre-performance tableau and bustle

The interval arrived before I was expecting it, always a good sign!  We were glad of our coats. Temperatures dropped sharply.

The second half was just as engaging - perhaps a little heavy on the histrionic tearfulness at times. 
And of course, in the last scene, however much I will Romeo to keep on talking until Juliet wakes up, it never works!

We stopped briefly on the way home to see if the Perseid meteors were visible, but the clouds had thickened.


Ida Jones said...

Sounds a very English event. Summer outdoor entertainments have a special magic.

aliqot said...

I guess it was rather. But we were very lucky with the weather.