Friday, June 21, 2013

Montmartre - sacred and profane

From Chateau-rouge metro station, we walk along the street, and then climb the steps

The Sacré-Coeur raises its huge dome, dominating the scene - we obey its call and walk around the inside - full of votive candles and gold reflections. No photographs allowed, and enforcers to make sure of this.  Impressive.

Outside we admire the view of the city, not so sparkling on a cloudy day, but what a view!

The Eiffel Tower is hidden around the corner - have the trees grown or have I misremembered the view?

Place du Tertre with its cafes and artists

We walk down through the park - a cat catches my eye.

Around Pigalle we find the Moulin Rouge.
Someone's afraid of losing their chairs and tables.

We sit in a small square on the rue Lepic and eat sandwiches - then drop into the nearby Galerie W  where Troy Henriksen's paintings are on display.  Entrée libre - no pressure.

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