Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April haiku

Written to prompts from Carole McRury, which were posted on NaHaiWriMo page of Facebook in April:

April 1 - smooth

slippery promises
deftly made
slide into smooth lies

April 2 - empty

bright colours 
glittering foil
hollow chocolate

April 3 - delta

fertile soile
Ganges provides
catastrophic floods

mother Ganges
collects her children
whose love may destroy


mother Ganges
draws in her children
with a fatal love

April 4 - celestial

sweeping the sky
a fading comet
trails long hair

April 5 - special place

too many to count
my special places
live in my backpack

April 6 - sport

a tennis match
suspense and drama
denouement unknown

April 7 - precipice

inch by inch
nearer the edge
he spreads his wings

April 9 - sound

cuckoo cuckoo
hello summer
are we nearly there?
one swallow
plus one cuckoo
make spring at least

April 19 - dark

morning light fades
untimely moondark
total eclipse

April 23 - time

counting the hours
as minutes run free
the one-handed clock

April 30 - mountain

another peak bagged
highest in county
molehill with a view

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