Sunday, October 02, 2011

A few more garden snaps

This probably illustrates my haphazard approach to tomato cultivation. Plants bought from the local shop at 50p a throw. Planted in a trough, then transplanted into this 'border' - I dug in some home-made compost. Then I cleared off for three weeks or so, and tried the 'two chances' method.  After strong winds, I staked them and tied them up.  I eventually chopped off some leaves and pinched off unwanted flowers.  Now, I'm watching the weather forecast for early frosts! 

I keep chucking banana skins under the plants, hoping they will work their ripening magic - all to do with ethylene gas, I think.

The hydrangea, in a large pot, has recently been allowed more light - I've chopped down the purple clematis as it's finished flowering.

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