Sunday, May 22, 2011

Middleton Railway

 Inside one of the locos in the Engine House.

It's changed from the 'everyone heaped in an open truck' days - oh - 35 years ago.

On Saturday you can ride by diesel power to Park Halt, where you have the chance to see the loco uncoupled from the carriages and routed via points to the other end of the train. On Sundays the train is pulled by steam.
We had a wander through the woods, where the bluebells were pretty well over, the odd red campion was showing, and speedwells were plentiful.

I finished the day with a cup of tea and a couple of postcards, and stocked up with mini biscuits before taking an almost hidden slip road to the M621, heading East, via the M62 and then the A1 South.

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