Saturday, March 12, 2011

A week in Doward Farm

Highlights of the week's stay on the edge of the Forest of Dean, with sixteen of us there for some of the time.

Almost everyone managed to come along, at least for the first weekend. No Gabby or Silas, or Leonie and family - NYC is a long way away.

Two or three nights of brilliantly clear starry skies - looked at through the new telescope. Excellent view of the moon's surface too.

And I can now recognise Leo and Gemini, thanks to Harry, Esther and Dan's google skies app on his phone.

Walking through the woods to (we think) King Arthur's cave.

Seeing Finn and Isaac entertaining each other.

Watching Rose making Joseph laugh for ages as they both sat on a bed.

Playing Pictionary and About Time in teams.

Making pancakes in the big kitchen on Shrove Tuesday. I gave up trying to toss them with such a weighty pan - Harry succeeded.

Charlie the pot-bellied omnivore.

The walk to Penallt Church along with Finn and Isaac. Dan and Sara took it in turns to carry Rose in the back carrier. Well done Chloé, too, for climbing up the steep path!

The views over the Wye from Symonds Yat Rock. You can't quite make out the cows like two-dimensional toys trailing shadows in the pic, as it's so small.

The walk near the Yat Rock and the masses of frogspawn that the frogs were clearly intending to increase further.

Having to reverse the hire car on a narrow lane near Symonds Yat West!

Esther's long detour via Tintern Abbey.

Thanks to Esther's phone for all photos except the moon!
Thanks to Harry,  using his  telescope and  Adrian's camera for the moon picture.

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