Thursday, April 02, 2009

Above the Water on foot

On Monday 30 March

The merry band of walkers hit the 'summit' of Mill Hill (not as I thought earlier Ranksborough Hill). In the background are clouds, not, alas, distant mountains.

with a distant view of Rutland Water.


dragonfly said...

Hi, I like your photos a lot. I am a big fan of travelling and taking pictures as well so here I my favourite picture from Croatia: (beautiful beaches, beautiful sea!) ).  I think I will come back here, so see ya later!

Anonymous said...

That's not Ranksborough Hill!!!! You were on Mill Hill. If you looked to the north, that was Ranksborough!

aliqot said...

One of those walks, where I was 'following my leader' - will check the map again - thanks ;-)