Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another doodle

Written from a few prompts. In bold print.

Bad luck it’s a girl!
Now we’re in a world
without help for the task in our mind,’
My klone said to me
as we sat with our tea.
‘Using her’d be just like driving blind’

‘Oh come on,’ I replied
‘It’s time that we tried
to detox this here poisoned chalice.
No, don’t make that gesture,
dear klone, I request you
and kindly refrain from such malice.

For you may be male,
but that ‘k’ makes me quail
it means you’ve changed sex in the kloning.
A girl just like me
will be perfect, you’ll see.
Now button it. Stop all your moaning.'


Swerdnic said...

I love the rhythm in this. Where were the prompts from? They are very unusual. Lx

aliqot said...

Thanks, L.

On Writers Dock we have a flash-writing forum with daily prompts - the first one came from Isabel Allende's 'Eva Luna' ( I know because I picked it out). The other two were thought up by another member of the site. Different people take it in turns to suggest around 6 prompts per day.

I find prompts quite useful for letting the mind run riot. ;-) Or at least giving it a bit of playtime.