Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nurses 'to be rated on compassion'.

A very quick reaction to a piece of news on the BBC website today:
Of course it's only part of what their new initiative will do, but it seems to me that there's too much admin, too many initiatives, and not enough support for those who do the work.

What price a smile?

So you’ll rate me on compassion,
give me grades from one to five?
Wanted – one compassion rater
to make this thing go live.

Never mind the fact we work hard,
we must look as though it’s fun.
Now, how much do you earn ,pray,
for getting this job done?

So you tick a set of boxes
as you follow me around.
Am I smiling and polite
though my feet don’t touch the ground?

Is my sweet smile smooth or plastic -
does it reach into my eyes?
Is the measurement elastic -
can I try it on for size?

Will you interview the patients?
Your job could take all day -
will it really solve our problems
and make them go away?

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